See this hug? It’s for you!

A humongous, sincere thanks to every one of you who downloaded my debut novel, Parallel Lives. And thank you for all the great reviews. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate them…but I will. I’m massively grateful!

To anyone who hasn’t downloaded it, perhaps it’s because you’d like a lovely paperback version instead? No problem. If you click this link, you’ll head off to the Global Wordsmiths site, (they’re my wonderful editors and distributors) and voila, you can order a copy…or as many as you like!

Anyway, I could hardly believe it when I saw that Parallel Lives hit the number sixteen spot on Amazon in the Lesbian Romance section. I took a photo shot of it as a keepsake because it feels like a huge achievement to me. It’s been scary releasing a debut novel and trying to compete with all those wonderful, well-known, much-beloved authors out there. One day, I’d love to see my name up there with them…hey, I can dream, can’t I? But to all you lovely readers who’ve downloaded it so far (and those who have been reading on Kindle Unlimited)—you’ve made my year. Thanks again.

Happy reading! Back to edits for book two of the Opening in Time trilogy for me 🙂

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