Time to say goodbye…

Christine and I recently returned from Spain. After thirty years, she said a fond farewell to her place on the coast. After reminiscing…here are some photos of her favourite spots.

Happy memories…

We’re lucky to have our memories. It’s something we take for granted…and a subject very close to my heart. Photographs and music can be incredibly valuable later on in life to stimulate the parts of the brain that have lost the capacity to recall. I’m sure you’ll all know someone, a close family member or friend, who has suffered/is suffering from some kind of dementia that causes memory loss.

I’ve found from my past experience that creating a personal life story with the aid of these tools can help the person to recapture their past and reminisce. In turn, it restores their self-esteem, confidence, and above all it gives them a feel-good factor…a temporary boost of happiness.

Yay to that!



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