Christmas spirit?

It’s the time of year when I start reflecting on the festive season in general.

I always loved Christmas: the songs, the excitement, the shoppers, the smell of the Christmas tree, and even those bloody pine needles that get everywhere! It’s a magical time.

Looking back though, there was always something forced. Was all that joy and happiness for real? When I was younger, I’d turn up for the family gathering and put on my false smiley face before ringing the bell. The door would open, and I’d say, “Merry Christmas, everyone!” If we were lucky, we’d get through the day without an explosive argument.

And how come “the season of goodwill” feels like it’s limited to one day? Why can’t we be nice to each other all year round? Perhaps I’m a cynic or an idealist. You choose.

Give me my friends any day of the week: we’re natural, spontaneous, we’ve bonded by choice, and we take the good with the bad. Chosen not born.

Merry Christmas to all my friends and everyone else out there in cyberspace and beyond.

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