Crossing Over to Romance

I never intended to write a trilogy. I’ve always loved writing, and all I ever wanted to do was finish a book and have it published. One lucky day I met Victoria Villaseñor of Global Wordsmiths, at a Writing East Midlands event. She took one look at my mammoth ramblings and said, “This is a trilogy.” Victoria became my editor, and so began my journey into the unknown. I published Parallel Lives in September 2018, followed by Crossing Over in April 2019 (both are on sale all this month over at Amazon). It’s been great, but both sadly and happily, I’ve just put the finishing touches to the final book of the trilogy, Destiny of Hearts, due for release in September.

What next? Well, funny you should ask…

Some years ago, I was involved in a house auction and was completely fascinated by the whole process; particularly the strong, confident woman at its helm. Hey, I thought, wouldn’t it be great to write about a sexy lady auctioneer in action? And that’s how it began: a nice, pure romance, and something so different to my musings on parallel worlds.

But we all love a good old romance, me included. And they’re even better at Christmas, which is when mine will be released. Watch this blog for more details (title reveal, cover reveal, teasing blurb!).

Once again, many thanks to my readers, and I look forward to sharing this new adventure with you.

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