Destiny of Hearts available now!

Hey, you lovely guys. This is just a quick blog to let you know that Destiny of Hearts, the final book in my Opening in Time trilogy, is available worldwide for pre-order today! The official launch date is the 1st September 2019 so that’s when you can expect the book to whisper its way onto your Kindle.

If you haven’t met Kaitlin yet, there’s still time to catch up on her love triangle with twins Tannus and Berran, because I’ve got the first two eBooks on sale for just £2.50 in the run up to this release. Join Kaitlin in her first adventure as she crosses over to Caysher in Parallel Lives. And read how things get terribly complicated when she returns home to Cheshire in book two, Crossing Over.

The story concludes in Destiny of Hearts, but what will Kaitlin find in Caysher? It won’t be easy because so much has changed. But she does have her mum and her new friend, Marti, and of course, her precious twins. Poor Berran hasn’t fared that well in Kaitlin’s absence. In the end, will it be destiny that decides if their hearts will collide?

Well, you can find out very soon!

Thanks again to everyone out there for all your encouragement.

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