Beyond the Sliding Doors

I’ve been having a blast seeing Love for Auction do so well on the Amazon charts, but it’s time to start telling you all about my next book, due out soon:

Have you ever felt that your life is slipping away day by day and you long for something different, something exciting? Have you thought that you’ve been dealt a bad hand of cards, and they simply don’t suit you? 

What if you could deal again? What if you could swap lives with someone else and have another go? Would you take it? Would you risk it for a second crack at happiness?

Gemma Tennant did, but she swaps lives with Alex Gambol, someone who is completely unaware of the possibilities. Gemma knows the risks she’s taken, but Alex is bemused, thrown into a life completely alien to her…but not completely unwelcome.

How will they cope? Will either find their dream life behind those sliding doors? Will they find love? 

Of course, there’s an element of magic, but the story is set in contemporary England, where everything is almost the same…

They both have a new deck of cards in their hands. The question is, how will each woman play them.

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