My new release: Cover Reveal!

Whoopee. It won’t be too long before my next book Sliding Doors is released. Yay! I’m chuffed to bits, and I love my stunning cover, designed by the lovely folks over at Global Wordsmiths. All my books have a common denominator; they’re all love stories of a different kind. Romance is all about wonderful feelings of excitement and mystery. It doesn’t matter where it’s set as long as it’s a love story––because I’m a romantic at heart. 

How did Sliding Doors come about? Bizarrely – you’ll laugh! I’d just had my garage doors painted, and when I returned from a walk, I thought, “What the hell?” 

Well, they were bright yellow and now they were brown. Was I at the right house? What if I got inside and I’d been thrown into someone else’s life…and after being single, I found I had a wife and two kids? How would I react? I’ve always had that feeling that if time shifted just a fraction, there’d be another world running parallel to this and very similar to the one we live in. Sign up to my newsletter for sneak peeks of the first chapter soon and for news of the release date. I do hope you love it as much as I do, but in the meantime, if you haven’t read it, you might like to catch up on my back catalogue on Amazon.

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