Food for the Soul

Hey guys, I’m mega thrilled about my first few reviews for Sliding Doors. If anyone’s forgotten…it’s out on 15th June! Here are a few excerpts, and I’d like to take this moment to thank you all. You work so hard getting all these reviews out…and believe me, it’s much appreciated.

Carol Hutchinson (LesBiReviewed): Firstly, Karen’s stories just keep getting better and better, and each time she brings us a new one I am blown away by the amount of imagination. Something that Karen is brilliant at though is parallel universes and once again she has created a brilliant scenario for a story. The concept behind this one is innovative and like nothing I have read before. It is actually something that fascinates me and to read a story about it was interesting as it showed Karen’s perception of such a surreal and complex, yet completely believable sci-fi type idea. I really do hope that parallel worlds like this exist because it would be so cool.

Kitty McIntosh (KittyKatBlog): “I must admit I did not like Alex at all at first, but by the end she was my favourite character in the book. Ms Klyne’s skilful storytelling took me on a journey where my preconceptions were turned on their head. It was a wonderful story, full of magic and wonder and mystery. It was also, ultimately, beautifully romantic and I defy anyone not to have a wee tear in their eye. I absolutely loved it.”

Ameliah Faith: “The characters are, for the most part great, the story fascinating and interesting, the plot is something I have never seen before and the writing spot on. This story had a lot of drama and a lot of conflict. It held my attention the whole way through and I stayed up way too late to finish reading it, I couldn’t bear the thought of not knowing how it ended. Very well, by the way!! I was so pleased to have had the chance to read this book and can’t wait to read it again!”

Thank you once again for your reviews. I hope everyone likes it as much as these three lovely reviewers.

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