Come Read with Me

Hi there, folks. Here’s another beautiful cover Nicci Robinson over at Global Wordsmiths has created for me.

I’m doing a double somersault as we’re preparing my new book, Come Dream with Me, released on 15th July, just in time for those chilled out reads on the beach, by the pool, or in the garden. It’s a story of two different loves, one from the past and one in the present. As per usual, I cover another subject. Dementia. My mother suffered from it, my dear friend too, and sadly, my sister has this dreadful condition. At some point in life, everyone has known someone with this cruel syndrome. Many, many moons ago, as a student nurse I worked in the dementia unit of a psychiatric hospital. They didn’t differentiate between the types of dementia, even though their symptoms were so diverse. I was lucky to work with Sister Phillips, a caring and compassionate woman who treated each individual with kindness. She brought as much fun and laughter into their lives as she possibly could: favourite foods, favourite tipples, walking, gardening, listening to music, singing to it and dancing to it. You name it, we did it. At the time, it was frowned upon by many of the hierarchy, but she didn’t care! I praise the Sister Phillips’ of this world.

I hope I’ve treated this subject with all the respect it deserves, showing not only the sadness, but also the times of happiness and laughter. Dementia is like travelling from an old life to a new. If you have support…the journey can be brighter and less frightening. Never travel alone; there are many friends out there waiting to help…it’s just a question of finding them. Watch this space for a release day competition 🙂

When your past and your future collide, who do you become in the present? 

When Dani Cavell returns home from Australia to help her parents, her life isn’t what she’d thought it would be. Single and living with her mum and dad, Dani knows it’s time to move on but isn’t sure how to do it. Until she takes a job in a dementia unit where Caroline Kingley, the woman who broke her heart many years ago, is now a patient.

Angel Lamb has always been a free spirit. Life is an adventure meant to be enjoyed and no woman has ever made her want to settle down. But when Dani Cavell walks into her life, she wonders if she’s met the woman who could make her dreams of a perfect partner reality.

When she learns Dani’s history with the elegant and renowned painter in the dementia unit, she isn’t sure that Dani’s heart is ready for what she has to offer. Can Dani let go of the woman who’d once captured her heart? Or will she and Angel miss their chance at the greatest adventure of all?

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