Caribbean Dreaming

Howdy there, folks. Time to reveal another sensational book cover created by Nicci Robinson at Global Wordsmiths.

I loved writing Caribbean Dreams, and having been a mad cruising fanatic in the past, it was great fun writing about the life and loves of people on a small cruise ship. My vivid imagination also helped! Life on board was always like living in a beautiful six-star bubble, and revisiting all the islands brought back such happy memories.

Caribbean Dreams is due for release on the 15th December…just in time to chill out with over the Christmas holidays. It’s a romance, and we all know that finding new love is never without its complications… 

When love sails into your life, do you climb aboard?

Cori Lewis writes children’s books. It’s been her escape from reality, especially during her last eight-year relationship. It’s not easy breaking out on your own, and Cori isn’t the most confident woman by any means, but luckily, her best friend convinces her to go on a cruise.

On the other hand, Steph Graves looks like she’s oozing confidence. But is that just a front? She knows she has some big decisions to make, and they’re going to affect the rest of her life. Will she take the plunge into unknown waters…and will Cori join her? Or will they settle for a holiday fling?

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