True Karma

Amelia Steele has never fit in, and over time, she’s given up trying. Her world has narrowed to work and walking her neighbour’s dog, Karma. She likes people watching but never seems to move to the same rhythm they do.

While walking Karma one day, she notices a woman, one who talks to everyone and seems full of life. Amelia avoids her, unsure how to deal with someone like that, until the moment Karma slips his leash.

Juno Costello is living life to the fullest. A successful songwriter, she’s come to England to try to find some balance in her frenetic life full of shallow hangers-on. When she hears a woman crying out for help, she’s quick to jump in but is soon baffled by the woman’s reticence.

But the more she learns about Amelia, the more she wants to know. It isn’t long before she thinks she’s found a place that feels like home.

Until, that is, Amelia makes a terrible mistake.

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Sliding Doors

Gemma Tennant’s life is in a downward spiral, and she doesn’t know where to turn. She longs for something different, something new.

When she finds a strange flyer suggesting she could start over, all she has to do is find the courage to go through a sliding door to switch lives with a woman on the other side… 

Alex Gambol is content but a little lonely. She runs her own business, looks after her ill mother, and goes for long walks with her dog. She’s got no time for love, and that’s okay. But when a strange woman on the beach shoves a bag at her and insists it’s hers, she has no idea

how drastically her life is about to change. 

Gemma knows the risks she’s taken and embraces her new life with enthusiasm and delight. But Alex is bemused, thrown into a life completely alien to her, and she has to learn to live with a wife and kids she never knew she wanted…until now. 

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Love for Auction

Philippa Young had it all as a flashy, sexy auctioneer with her own TV show auctioning off glamorous homes for the wealthy.

But when the glitter fades, she relocates to the little village of Cauthwell to start over. Relationships are off the table, but she manages to find plenty of temporary company in her area. Until, that is, she takes on an auction for a very special client.

Kim Besson is lost. After her father dies, she gives up her life in Manchester and heads to Cauthwell to sell the family home. With no family or friends, she has no idea what to do with the next stage of her life. When enigmatic,

charming, older woman, Philippa, comes into her life, she starts to realise just what it is she might have been missing. But surely someone like Philippa wouldn’t be interested in a country girl like her… 

When big city meets small town, home is what you find.

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Parallel Lives

An Opening in Time trilogy (Book One)

Book One_final_final_180618

When Kaitlin Hewlett-Grace crash lands her little plane in a field, she has no idea what’s in store. She wakes to find herself in a strange land among strange people. A worm hole in time has sent her to a place similar, but most certainly different, from her own. The women-only community lives a simple life and Kaitlin, used to all the finer things in the twenty-first century, has a steep learning curve ahead of her. 

Sexy and serious Tannus, Chief of the community, knows two things: her time is limited, and Kaitlin is meant for her. But Kaitlin isn’t about to love someone because of a prophecy in a world she doesn’t belong to, and Tannus must prove herself worthy of Kaitlin’s love. Berran, Tannus’ twin sister and her opposite in pretty much every way, would do just about anything for Kaitlin’s love…except betray her sister’s trust.

All three of them must come to terms with what Kaitlin’s presence among them brings to light. And when there are life and death choices to be made, they must be made with the knowledge that there is far more at stake than heartache. 

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Crossing Over

An Opening in Time trilogy (Book Two)

It’s time to go home. But what happens when it’s not the place you remember?

Crossing Over

When the day comes, Kaitlin is excited about taking Tannus and Carray back to Cheshire, to show them all the wonders of the world she comes from. And she just knows there’s going to be a cure for the hereditary disease threatening to take Tannus from her. But once they’re back, things aren’t as straight forward as she thought they’d be. Her mum and dad hate each other. Her brother has a crush on Carray. And then there’s the persistent ex-policewoman who can’t let go of the things she’s seen happen in the field…

Learning to live in this new world is harder than Tannus imagined it would be. Although Tannus wants to be as excited as Kaitlin is, she can’t help but be confounded by all the things she learns: poverty, war, and inequality abound in this strange world. And as they prepare for the birth of their child, Tannus can only hope she’ll be around to see them grow up.

Meanwhile, back in Caysher, Berran is struggling to become the chief her community needs. Without her sister at her side, and missing Kaitlin’s exuberant presence, she’s not sure who she is anymore. When disaster strikes and illness hits the community, she’s forced to take drastic measures.

Will love get them through? Or will crossing over cost more than they’d ever imagined?

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Destiny of Hearts

An Opening in Time trilogy (Book Three)


Coming home is never easy, and when Kaitlin, her mum, the twins, and Marti arrive back in Caysher, they find a different place than the one they left.

Illness has ravaged the community, and Berran is doing her best to keep things together. But when Tannus doesn’t come back, the rage and despair she feels make it hard to breathe, let alone do what she needs to do for the community. She can’t help but blame Kaitlin, even though the old attraction she carries for her is still simmering under the surface and ready to burst into flame.

Kaitlin doesn’t know where she belongs anymore. It was right to bring everyone back, even if Marti was an unplanned addition. But without Tannus she’s not sure of her place among this community of women she’d thought of as family. As she raises the twins and figures out who she wants to be now, she knows that her desire for Berran hasn’t gone away. Resisting it makes things harder, but surely they could never bridge the gap Tannus’ loss has created between them. In the end, it will be destiny that decides if their hearts will meet.

In the end, it’s destiny that decides if their hearts will meet.

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